Navigating the Family Law Court System 

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  This training will be a crash course in navigating the Family Law Court System. Participants will learn the role of mediators, judges and lawyers and the difference between legal and physical custody, trends such as sharing children's time aka "visitation" and grounds for guardianship. A practicing family law attorney, Sylvia Woods, will explain how child custody is established based on a hierarchy of concerns as set forth by the law.  
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  First 5 Alameda County Conference Center
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Additional Documents
Handout Guardianship.pdf
Handout Parentage.pdf
Visitation Rights for Grandparents.pdf
Reading My Blended Family Wont Blend.pdf
Reading Happier Holidays During and After Divorce.pdf
Reading Top Ten List for Promoting a Childs Adjustment to Divorce.pdf
Client Guide to Receiving the Best Service at the Lowest Cost.pdf

Navigating the Family Law Court System
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  Date:  5/22/2018 Time:  9:00 AM-12:00 PM

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